FAQs Related to Social Security Disability

For many Floridians, the Social Security Disability benefits is a financial support that helps them meet the financial obligations in the situation of any temporary or permanent disability. The disable people need these benefits urgently, but are denied by the government. Thus, you should consult a social security disability lawyer for help.

Here, we are going to discuss some common questions related to the social security disability benefits:-

  1. What are the options for disability?

The social security for the disabled is proffered in two forms by the SSA. The first one is the social security disability insurance program, which gives you the benefits if you have worked for many years and have also paid your social security taxes on time. In case, the income at your home is limited and the resources don’t qualify for the criteria of social security disability insurance, then you can apply for the social security income benefits. But, SSI is given to those only, who meets some specific requirements.

  1. How to qualify for social security disability benefits?

The entire qualification procedure for the SSI is not easy and you should consult the social security disability lawyers for this. They could guide you with their knowledge and experience. The conditions are as follows:

  • For social security disability insurance, you should have worked for a specific number of years before the occurrence of disability. The number of years are different for different age groups and thus, the number of working years is less for young people and more for the senior citizens.
  • Apart from work history, you have to qualify the condition of long-term or even permanent disability.
  • Your condition would be considered as a disability, if you couldn’t work like before and could not even earn a living for yourself by any way.
  • Your disability should last at least one or more years. Any short-term disability are not present in the list by the SSA.
  • For the social security income, the criteria for qualification is almost same except the work history condition is not same.

So, now you know that fighting alone for your social security benefits would be very tricky and guidance of an expert is a must. The professionals at PRW Disability can provide you the services and help that you need to win your social security benefits. For more details about our services, visit us or call us now (407) 647-8533.

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